We will hitting the road for another trip of a lifetime, visiting all new landscapes, working with all new people (our route is marked in yellow and last year's marked in pink on the map).  

The starting point is Nairobi, then we'll make our way to Nanyuki area, where we'll conquer (just a little bit) Mt. Kenya, the second largest African peak.  After a good climb, we'll head to the Samburu area, where we'll work with elephants, women tribal leaders and girls striving to get an education against all odds.   We'll make a stop in Embu and Tsavo East where we'll work with an orphanage before heading to the coast.  This time, we'll go a bit up north to Kilifi to explore it's diverse marine life but the diversity of it's community and unique challenges.   


Sample itinerary and activities.  

The Girls On Fire Camp starts on December 19 and will finish January 1, 2016.  

What a way to end and begin a year!   

Dec. 19:    

Dec. 20-24:   Maasai Mara, Rift Valley (3-4 days) 

  •  The girls will have an opportunity to learn about lion conservation  A major community problem in this region is the killing of lions because of tradition or as retribution for the lions killing the herders livestock.
  • We will also meet a 12 year old boy who innovated to solve a village problem (i.e. lions eating livestock), view his TedTalk here and be totally inspired!  Did I mention he is 12 yrs old?  
  • We will be learning about farm-to-table cooking, nutrition and agricultural practices.  We'll go to a dairy farm and milk cows and harvest whatever we need to have a cooking and nutrition class.  
  • Invite community mamas to share the dinner that we made with us.    
  •  We will meet and do a project with a community activist and someone who started the first women's artisans collective and now runs maternal health clinics and sanitation projects.  
  •  The girls will go on a safari game drive to see all the majestic animals that are so quintessential Kenya.   

Dec.24- 26:   Naivasha / Nakuru  (2-3 days)

  • We will be working with a girls education and literacy nonprofit building a school and doing renovation on their reading room.        
  • Stay in an orphanage & do group (buddy system) activities. 
  • Christmas party with the kids. 

Dec.26 - 30:  Mombasa (3-4 days) 

  • Possibly work with a woman's seaweed harvesting collective in a Muslim community.   
  • Ride camels and possibly a dhow boat ride. 
  • Swim, swim and more swim.   The girls love the water.