Alicia Keys

Singing "This Girl Is On Fire" became a pre-adventure ritual for the girls & I in Nairobi. The song embodied the spirit of possibilities, a way for our deep dreams to bubble up. Go ahead and try it!

Amongst a sea of requests, my story of Girls On Fire, which was a seed of an idea at that point last year, was sent to ‪#‎AliciaKeys‬ . I had no website, no partners, and just a burning desire to usher this into the world. What I got in return was her generously loving support and trust that if I blaze this trail people will show up.

The girls don't have a 'celebrity' thing, so their reaction to the video wasn't about Alicia Keys the star. After they watched it they said with huge smiles, "She called us sisters! She thinks we are her sisters?!" What it was about for them was that this beautiful, sweet soul, who created the song they loved, cared enough about them to encourage and call them her sisters. Reminding them & us all that we are all in this together.

I have deep gratitude and BIG LOVE for our sister Alicia Keys for offering such a beautiful message of love and hope to these girls from a sincere place in her heart.