What WE Built Together

Not only have we help them build strength, stability and self-reliance, the Girls On Fire Leader have worked with other girls to build sustainable futures for all girls.    

Another great Swahili proverb is “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

This is a marathon and we will go far if we have your support.  Check out what we already built together.


  • Built a library and reading program at an orphanage

  • Worked with World Wildlife Federation on conservationism of elephants

  • Adopted a baby elephant named Kamock, who was injured by poachers.  


  • Hygiene and wellness program for street kids at risk of disease.

  • Community beautification; clean up and planted trees in the slums. 

  • Brought food and Girls On Fire workshop in the children’s hospital in Nairobi


  • Built a school garden out of recycled materials that feeds 5 needy families a week. 

  • Community beautification; clean up and repaired community latrines.

  • Volunteered and saved sea turtles trapped in fisherman nets.


  • Built a dorm for girls’ to be safe from FGM and early marriage

  • Created peer advocacy groups to teach other girls how to fight for their rights. 

  • Planted trees in the rural village in Sambura with the girls running away from FGM

  • Community beautification; clean up and planted trees in the slums.


  • Community beautification; clean up and planted 100 trees in the slums.

  • Led equality workshops with adolescent boys

  • Started a reading (and hugging) program from orphaned kids every Saturday


  • Led equality workshops with teenage boys in Kibera slum

  • Launched sanitary pad project for 123 girls in the schools. 

  • Launched trauma- informed yoga working with sexual abuse and refugee girls. 

  • Wellness + Leadership Camp for girls all over Kenya facing HIV, pregnancy and poor health outcomes.