Who Is A Girl On Fire?

We believe every girl can learn to be a leader and is a Girl On Fire because our human, innate truth is love and service.  In selecting the limited spots for the program, we look for three things only: 

  1. Is there a spark of self-belief and desire to see her community thrive?

  2. Do we believe that her vision is able to fuel her for the long-run?  Can she build a team around her; that she can have the dedication, perseverance and grit, to do what it takes to fight corruption, bureaucracy, complacency, the status quo, now and in 10-30  years? 

  3. Is she the most vulnerable, at-risk girl with very limited opportunities?

Girls on Fire leaders are underserved 6-16 years old in primarily Kenya, living in Kibera and Mathare slums in Nairobi, 70% of whom are orphaned and/or victims of sexual violence and live with the realities of voilence, HIV, early-pregnancy, substance abuse and extreme poverty daily.   We also work with girls the same age from the major ethnic tribes in rural Kenya and Tanzania, whose major challenges for girls are FGM (female genetial mutalation), early child marriage, poverty and no access to quality education.