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Girls On Fire Leaders is Providing Early Adolescent girls in the slums of Kenya and Tanzania with transFormative LEadership Skills through Educational travel, Sustainable community projects, diversity engagement and global Connectivity

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Since 2014, WE have provided Community solutions for Girls Education, FGM, Early Child Marriage, HIV/AIDs and Related STiGMA, HYGiene, Human Rights Advocacy, Holistic Health and Well-being.  

STUDIES SHOW that community change start with building up Girls in a holistic way so theY can take leadership roles early on.   


Girls On Fire show up in villages all over Kenya and work alongside girls and women tribal leaders.  We listen, learn and collaborate on community solutions, while leaving a lasting legacy. We do this all with the full engagement of our hearts, our creativity and our intellect.  We are creating a network of connected girls in Kenya and all over the globe who become each other's champions. 

Community leaders:  We are developing the multi-faceted skills and personal conviction needed to be a young girl evoking positive change and influence against the harsh realities and gender violence in the slums.

Educational Travel:  Poverty robs one of exposure and diversity, which allows a broader perspective and ultimately decisions that are so critical in rising out of the poverty trap to achieve their dreams.   

Service-Learning:  We've partnered with Roots & Shoots (Jane Goodall Institute) to provide a service-learning curriculum.  We use technologies to map community needs (i.e. Google Earth) and learn how to use analytical skills to predict outcomes.  We do design-thinking modules and interview leaders to ensure community ownership.   The girls experience the value of being in service of another and proudly leave a legacy of leadership.  

Self- Expression: We create a safe and creatively vibrant space where girls can be bold and express themselves.  We build their confidence by taking consistent little risks, while connecting to the bigger picture of their lives.

Global Connectivity: Our aim is to have an army of champions - peers and adults that are inspired to mentor and support girls on the path to empowerment.