Girls On Fire 

Camp, GOF Academy And Programs for Teachers

We've expanded the camp impact and will be working with the girls for a full year - with each girl traveling on 2 camps.   They will have opportunities every month for training and connection with other Girls On Fire all over Kenya.   

To expand the Girls On Fire model and spirit to more girls, we've trained teachers on service-learning and will be rolling out an online course (think SkillShare for development) late 2017.   

Leaders In Action

girl-Led Service Projects

This is where the girls take all their learnings and experiences from the camp and put them into action in their community.  They have already come up with ideas of caring for stray dogs, creating a "pop-up" park, building a wash station only for kids, clothes drive for kids and starting a reading circle for street boys, which they've already done!  This year, we'll be spending a week back in Kibera analyzing very specific solutions and creating a project. 

CounselorS In Training 

Global Peer Mentorship

This year, we are piloting a project that will give the older girls the chance to be "counselors in training" and work with girl leaders going through a similar program in the U.S.   This will be a global buddy system to share and cross-pollinate curriculums but also provide strong peer-mentorships.   I'm excited to share more as we roll it out throughout the year.     


When We educate and empower a girl, she WILL change the world around her.