Girls on Fire Leadership Camp launched the first immersion trip throughout Kenya in December of 2014 with 20 girls ages 6-13 years old and 4 adults.   It provided the most vulnerable girls living in Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya an opportunity to travel and experience their country for the first time, immerse themselves in different cultures and gain the confidence and skills as young leaders to view themselves as part of the solution, rather then perpetuate a dependency mindset.  

In the 3 years, the impact has profoundly affected each girls' personal growth and development and has rippled out into their community in tangible outcomes, from improved school performance to change in traditional tribal practices that lock girls out of education.  They are active in cultivating new, creative ways to learn about themselves and provide help to others and are thirsting for opportunities to lead.  

This was just the first year. we are in this for the long-haul. It's proven that The biggest bang for your investment dollar is in the education of all girls, world-wide.