Your Investment Today, A Different World Tomorrow

By 2030, we will nurture and empower 10,000 Girls On Fire Leaders and build a movement of global girl leaders with a thriving network of change-makers.

As we scale, we have the opportunity to significantly reduce poor health and well-being outcomes and gender-based violence, while simultaneously massively increasing social and economic mobility and community development from within the 1 million people living in Kibera Slum and the 1.5 million people living in the 3 other communities. 

We will do this by investing in early- adolescent girls to be the social change leaders in their communities and collaborating with women leaders to ensure we don’t have to wait for a generational turnover to witness a more just and equitable world

But first, we have to ensure these girls are healthy and develop holistically. Once we do that she can start working on being a social change leader in her community and gain the confidence that she needs in order to work on her long term goals which could include college and tackling solutions to poverty. But first, we’ve got to make sure her transitions from early-adolescence is safe and healthy, deeply supported and connected to her community.


Burn Bright!