Thank yoU wholeheartedly for being a champion Of the unlimited potential of young girls On Fire!  We are Building SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY AND SO THRILLED TO HAVE YOU along for the ride!

Dear People on Fire,  

We are now funding for our NEXT Girls on Fire Camps, for Summer 2017 and Winter 2017.   In addition, the Girls On Fire are doing monthly workshops and trainings to deepen their knowledge about leadership AND putting it into practice with weekly "out in the community" project.  They are highly motivated to use their voices and personal power to think differently and be the innovative change makers their community (i.e. the largest slum in Africa) NEEDS.    

What they are DOING would amaze you and I will be sharing their stories and progress along the way.   

Please join me in championing these girls and giving them the opportunity to uplift other girls through this magical "Ripple Effect".   Please consider donating any amount and we'll show you just how it was use.   


  1. 100% of your donation will go toward this year's camp; 100% direct services, 100% direct love.   
  2. Don't think for a moment that a small amount will not make a difference.  It will.  Together we are investors in these girls.  
  3. These are spectacular little beings that you'll get to know along our journey.  We all want to be connected to you.  
  4. There is great power in showing up.  I've seen it. I've lived it.  And this ripple effect is very real.  Let's be adventurous and see how many lives we can effect together!
  5. This is only the beginning.    I've been running this very lean and mean but my vision is big and will just take time to actualize.  Baby steps.  
  6. Surely it's about holding a torch for the next generation of girls but believe me, your light will be ignited as well in your giving.  It's a magnificent feeling to live in your purpose and we want to support you, too.   
  7. Giving is energy and I am deeply thankful for ANYTHING  you can do to bring the light and attention on this project.   We need funds, of course, but we also respect everyone's limitations.  Other important ways of giving can be personal appeal emails/calls to your networks, social media love, connections with people and partners that would jive with Girls On Fire,  media and bloggers contact, etc.   
  8. You're just incredibly awesome!  Pure and simple. We could not do this without your love and support!  

Fire and love, 




Shine Bright!