We are hitting the wide open roads of Kenya again with our sense of adventure, spirit of service and curiosity for communities of people and their traditions. 

Join us in making this life-affirming Experience happen! 


What We're Doing & WHEN:  

  • A camp at the beginning of 2018 which will build on the practical year-long leadership course skills they've learned.

  • 30 Girls - ages 6-13 years old / 5 GOF Staff, and partners. 

  • Traveling to 2-3 regions to work with different tribes on community service project and leadership skills.



SErvice-Learning projects

We do not show up as tourist but Kenyans learning and helping other Kenyans.  

Here's a snapshot of the type of projects we'll be working on. 


Literacy & Traditions

Co-create a literacy program in pastoral tribes with local girls.  Learn leadership from the tribal elders, community problems (i.e. FGM)  and solution workshops. Participate in building a family hut within the boma (homestead). 

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Learn about conservationism and local environmental dangers, through a project rescuing elephant orphans. Go on safari,  track elephants, learn by experience and ultimately become elephant protection ambassadors.  


Education & Girls Rights

Learn about advocacy for girls and women through local Muslim groups.  Work in a Muslim school and alongside a local NGO using soccer for girls for confidence building, and help them advocate for themselves.