Kristen is a creative activist with a contagious “let’s do this” attitude and passionately backed by action. She’s a woman who GET’S IT DONE.  She was a critical part of making Girls on Fire Leadership Camp happen last year and I’m so excited to interview her.  I was curious about how her past work and current career transition connects to her contribution to Girls On Fire.  There’s a definitive red thread. Enjoy.

What motivated you to contribute to Girls On Fire? 

For me, supporting the opportunities and leadership of girls in places where they have been marginalized is the key to contributing to a less violent, more empathetic world. I’ve been lucky enough to have been raised in circumstances that have supported my education, freedom, and choices and it is my responsibility to support work that affords girls everywhere these same opportunities.

What makes GOF unique for you? 

The personal, one-on-one mentorship and support that Eileen offers these young women is truly unique. It is small-scale, and super high-impact. She’s truly their advocate and friend, and it’s totally inspiring.

Can you share how opportunity, travel and personal connections have shaped your impact in the world?

I had the opportunity as a freelance creative director with #TOMS to travel to Phnom Penh to document the amazing work of some of their non-profit partners, including Cambodian Children’s Fund. They do really amazing work there to help entire families get out of the cycle of poverty – providing education for children but also providing skills education and employment for the women and mothers. Through that experience, I saw first-hand how much the future of both communities and the world hinges on the financial emancipation and education of women and girls. I also met a really special little girl there, and in addition to helping support her family, my family and I have emailed and Skyped with her as she’s grown up. It’s been really cool (and important) for my sons.  

How can our readers connect with your inspired work and follow what’s next on your bright horizon? 

I've been working as an advertising copywriter and creative director for large global brands (IBM, Motorola, Miller Lite, TOMS)  for nearly two decades and have had so many great experiences and learned so much. I'm currently focusing on leveraging that experience to help nonprofits (and startups) tell their stories, create awareness and maximize funding. Being able to help extend the reach for people who are doing awesome stuff in the world makes me really happy. 



Clearly, she's tons of fun to work with. Lucky me!  Make sure to stay connected to Girls On Fire Leaders where Kristen will be lending her talents along the way.  

Thank you, Girl On Fire & Tribe Sister!