Carla is a co-founder of PROUDgirls™ which provides leadership opportunities for girls in New York to Live BIG and Give BIG. We collaborated with PROUDgirls™ last year during our inaugural GOF Leadership Camp in Kenya to provide training for not only Girls On Fire but for girls from an orphanage in Amboseli and an organization on Maasai land. Through this hybrid curriculum we were able to reach over 100 girls with empowered ways to gain confidence and heart-connection and to integrate these things into their personal leadership via action and service to the community.

What motivated you to contribute to Girls On Fire? 

Sharing the PROUDgirls™ curriculum assures that all girls, no matter what their background is, can have the opportunity to thrive and become the next great leaders of our world. GOF truly speaks to the energy and willingness of these girls to learn and thrive. We do it because it’s how to continue and enhance the cycle of leadership in women around the globe.

What makes GOF unique for you? 

GOF is a unique group of girls because regardless of their circumstances, they glow with eagerness to learn and thrive no matter what. At such young ages and under their own personal life struggles, they are already learning the value of giving back to those who need help.

Speaking of “being proud’, can you share one of your impact experiences? 

A team of our PROUDgirls™ On The Move, did a school sporting event to raise money for orphaned girls living in Haiti. They raised over $1,000 and we sent the check to the Haitian Orphanage where these girls were cared for. When we all Skyped so that our girls could meet the girls they helped, the Haitian girls told us they were going to buy supplies for the kids in Haiti who were less fortunate than they were and distribute those supplies to kids living in camps after the earthquake. They sang us a song, blew kisses and showed us that no matter what your circumstances, there is always someone who needs help. That's what true leaders know and that's what true leaders do.

Find out more about the work of PROUDgirls and the amazingly talented Carla!

PROUDgirls™ provides a session based leadership curriculum, teaching girls ages 12-17 to discover who they are and what they're passionate about. These discoveries and life skills are used to create self-initiated service projects which affect causes locally and worldwide.

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