Today is International Day Of Peace, and although I dream of a world where these types are holiday are non-existent, today I wanted to put ACTION toward my own partnership with PEACE, and thought you'd be inspired to do the same.    
So, here's 5 quick ways you can honor and spread peace today:  

1) MAKE A PEACE DOVE -- After school kids craft or doodling in your journal?  This is a honoring that peace is possible. Celebrate all that is free and noble in the human spirit and all people working around the globe to create safety, dignity & human rights for all. 

2)  GET SOCIAL WITH PEACE -  Take a selfie or something else that represents peace to you and share it on your social media.   Tag #PeaceDay #GirlsOnFire #GirlsOnFireLeaders 

3)  LEARN WHY EDUCATING GIRLS IS CRITICAL FOR PEACE -- One word - MALALA, Nobel Peace Prize Winner.   Need more?  Studies show that educating girls economically and socially benefit families, communities and even countries, often breaking cycles of poverty and injustice in one generation. 

4) TAKE A MOMENT OF SILENCE -  Reflect on our brothers and sisters that are living in unsafe chaos, without dignity, with extreme terror and fear running through their body, and extend loving peaceful wishes to them. 

5) DONATE TO GIRLS ON FIRE - One goal of Girls On Fire is to foster peace, and in Kenya this means between different tribes.   This is one reason why we work with the women and girl leaders in often feuding tribes that contributes to an understanding of diversity and oneness early on a child's development. 

P.s. stay tuned for my actions of peace.  :)  Come on, join me.