I’d like to honor Rose, who is the house mother for all girls who live at the safe house supported by SHOFCO.   We call her Mama Rose because if we were to bottle up qualities that make up a great mother, Rose is all that and more.

She ensures these girls (most without mothers) are incredibly loved, well fed, clean, connected to spirit, committed to their education, provides medical care, playfully engaged in being kids, and that every one of them is deeply heard and seen.   At any time, she’s caring for 15 girls AND has 6 kids of her own (yep, you read that right!). 

I learn so much about love and service to others from her.  I’m grateful to have met her 3 years ago, while I was working with Kiva Zip and she was working diligently on her business.   She’s a jewelry maker, artist and entrepreneur that works extremely hard to provide for her family, all the Girls On Fire and be a positive role model in her community.  I’m pretty sure she doesn’t sleep.  

This beautiful film captures it all !

Truly, I couldn’t have managed the GOF camp without her.  To wrangle 20+ girls is no small skill and she stepped in to pluck & cook chickens for our Christmas dinner when our partner bailed.   Along with the girls, this was her first time traveling Kenya!

Appreciating Rose deserves more but I would love it if you could show this woman some love in the comments.   Thankyou.