The benefits of play is not only for kids, in fact it's essential for your creativity, vitality, connection and overall well-being.

At the Girls On Fire Leadership Camp, we are in a constantly in state of PURPOSEFUL PLAY; interacting with the world around us, learning to solve tough social problems, immersion into other cultural traditions, forming unique leadership style, and so much more.  Dance breaks are a must.

#PlayMatters Because:   

1. Play fosters belonging and encourages cooperation.

2.  To create anything new, the play instinct must be activated, not solely the intellect.

3.  Exploration and experiment triggers the cognitive development for creativity and innovation. 

4. Play can be a vehicle to explore differences and similarities and to create worlds of equality and choice, especially important for girls lacking these options in "real-life".

5.  Play renews our natural sense of optimism, literally releasing "happy hormones" in the brain.

My favorite play activity is treasure hunting, where I go about my day with the purpose of finding 3 things that evoke joy (person, place and thing).   With this sort of attention and wonder, I always find treasures that not only put me in a state of joy but also awe.   It's so fun!  

What is your favorite playtime activity?  

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