I cannot even express how much gratitude and admiration I have for this woman!.   She showed up fully and powerfully at the GOF Leadership Camp last December  (her first time to Africa!) and although she took many pretty photos, she did much, much more, for the girls and me.   She was cheerfully  available to lead classes about the value of one's unique voice, yoga sessions in the sand, dance at sunset, meditation in the evenings, swim lesson, sand art, the list goes on.   I honor and thank her for all her amazing gifts but there's another one I stand in awe of, which is her unique ability to make everyone that comes in contact with her feel heard, seen and loved, from these precious girls to the most hardened people we came across.   When my patience ran out, she continued to smile and work to understand, which reminded me to stick around and "do as Jen does".  She left a trail of girls and people completely in love with her.  

She brings this level of presence to her photography and if you're lucky to be in front of her lens, you will be transformed.   

Why do you contribute to GOF? Easy, this is my path in this life, to be of service from a place of support and love and what you have created is an opportunely to do exactly that. GOF is so unique in its contribution to girls. It is an amazing hands-on experience of learning, showing up and being supported. The importance of this cannot be overstated. 


What makes GOF unique in your eyes?    GOF is unique because it is real life experiences out in the world. It is a chance for young girls to touch, taste and feel the world around them. The experience is completely different from what they could experience form a book or in a classroom. GOF is giving them opportunity and experience to show up, to be exactly who they are meant to be in this life...powerful, loving girls who will grow into powerful, loving women who will change the world!  These girls will know they are supported and loved and important because of the GOF Community (ahem, that’s you!) and with that belief one can do anything.


Can you share the background of your impactful work with girls and women?  My work with women in my photography business is about supporting and inspiring professional women to be seen for exactly who they are and what they offer to the world (through dynamic photographs). I have learned that my greatest joy in life is to be this support. When I see women and girls witness the truth of who they are, whether it be through photographing them or teaching (photography), I am lifted in my heart and soul by THIS beauty, the beauty of self-knowledge.


How can our readers connect with your inspired work and follow what’s next on your horizon? All the action is happening over on these sites:




Here's some of my Jennifer Graham favorites, but this is by no means the complete list.