"For it is in giving that we receive" are the words that Leah lives by and it was apparent in her desire to support Girls on Fire. Being in the "investment phase" of Charm & Magic, Leah couldn't support us financially but she was so inspired by the project that she embarked on making mini malas for each girl on fire as they were about to embark on their life altering journey.

We couldn't be happier about honoring her today and the contribution she has made in the girls lives and mine.

Why do you contribute to GOF?  
I met Eileen at a yoga class, and her passion and vision for this incredibly heartfelt and meaningful project had me hooked immediately. 

What make GOF unique in your eyes?
Teaching the girls to connect to themselves so they can contribute to this world is so incredibly healing and empowering.

Tell me about a present or past experience (school, work, volunteer, informal actions) that aligns with GOF mission or your values in making a world a better place?  
I have been teaching movement and yoga to kids and adults for the past 8 years, this has been my vehicle to help people (both big + small) to connect to themselves, their creativity, and ultimately their power. Being a mom now, I get to practice every day - both with my son and myself. I had the opportunity to donate mala bands to GOF, which was pretty darn special.

How can our readers connect with your inspired work and follow what’s next on your horizon? 
In addition to teaching yoga and movement in Lancaster, PA I also make mini malas, a necklace traditionally used for meditation and prayer, and can be used as a tool to connect to yourself and your greater vision.  www.leahannefox.com // www.charmandmagic.com